эпилептолог Андрей Викторович 2Neurologist/epileptologist Andrey Petrov consults on all issues of diagnostics and treatment of epilepsy:

- Consultation and long-term follow-up of children and adults with epilepsy.
- Analysis of continuous video-EEG monitoring data of epileptic patients
- Detailed information about the disorder’s medical, social and psychological aspects (memos)

Initial consultation cost: 15000 KZT

Follow-up consultation cost: 10000 KZT

To schedule an appointment, please call: +7 727 394 46 23, +7 707 584 00 09



Dear Patients!
Epilepsy is a group of chronic neurological disorders involving recurring unprovoked seizures. There is much prejudice and myth surrounding epilepsy which unjustifiably complicates the lives of epileptic patients and those around them.
Timely detection, competent diagnosing and therapy under constant medical supervision are the key factors in successful treatment of epilepsy and the patient’s healthy integration into society.

- Epilepsy

- What should you do if you find yourself next to a person who is having an epileptic seizure?

- What should you not do if a person near you is having a seizure?

- Why should epilepsy be treated?

- Parents’ contribution to their child’s treatment and how to avoid adverse effects developing from taking medication?

- Epilepsy and pregnancy

- Epilepsy and flying